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Rebel with a cause

My heart severally aches over some of the atrocities that are STILL (to this very day) taking place.   It’s easy to turn on a movie or grab a cappuccino at Starbucks and converse with our neighbors about the rigors of everyday life, all the while being completely ignorant/forgetful of the horrors occuring in our back yards, in our neighborhoods, AND ESPECIALLY IN DISTANT LANDS. 

I admire the courage and effort being put out by certain private organizations to take action against those who destroy and mame the life of innocence.  The right to not be slaughtered or raped (at grotest and unimaginable degrees) should not be decided through the hand of politics.  It must not be the choice of government to decide the fate of innocent lives.  The weak and innocent should not have to be at the mercy of derranged men.  It is the duty of those who are able to act, to intervien. We don’t have the right to be a passive observer, unless we desire the same fate for ourselves.  

We must take the injustice of an individual as a direct injustice to ourselves.  It is the responsibility of the strong to protect the weak.  Not to turn away. There is ALWAYS something we can do. There’s always a choice.

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“Do unto others as we would have done unto us”
*American International Militia*




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