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I am more than…

“A first and last name

the schools I’ve attended and the ones that I have not

the places I have traveled

the world that I have seen

the life I’ve tried to live

the love I’ve tried to give

a voice that goes unheard

a face in the crowded streets

the color of my eyes

the one who goes unseen

the shoes I wore today

the friend I should have been

the son I’ve tried to be

the career path I was expected to take

and anything I’ve ever hoped to be.”

What I AM… is a part of something much larger and more incredible than anything that I could ever comprehend as a human being. I am a part of this universe, observing itself through consciousness.  So no matter what happens during life, I know that it is insignificant in comparison to the macro-reality of my existence.  What I am… is so much more.



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