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There is nothing greater…

or more precious…


…than a mothers love.




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Love 101

We are born pure, innocent and full of curiosity. Life is beautiful. Over the years we are then told what to believe & how we should act, what is acceptable & what is not.  If we are fortunate…we find a way to sort it all out & learn how to love ourselves & how to love others unconditional of THEISTIC BELIEF,race,ect.  Those that don’t figure it out continue to spread the ignorance/poison that separates the human race  & therefore continues contributing to the de-evolution of humanity.   Sometimes my patience grows thin.  Why?  Because enough is enough and I’ve seen enough people get hurt, alienated or looked down upon because someone has different views on God.  That’s one thing I respect about NYC.  The diversity leads itself to tolerance and understanding of one another’s beliefs.


Honestly,  I long for the day when we put to an end our religious neurosis.  The world is not flat.  This belief died hundreds of years ago and fortunately we were able to move forward despite the oppression of the church against those who believed otherwise.

It’s mind boggling how humans can make leaps and bounds technologically and are very accepting of these advancements, however we become extremely stubborn to evolve with our spirituality.

What are we so afraid of??  The same thing that keeps people trapped within the traditional systems of belief.  Fear of seperation from self Identity,  family, friends and the biggest fear of all.  Fear of hell (the ultimate tool to instill Fear into a mind that has any question or doubt to the validity of the religion)

If we really want to know God,  we seek truth without limitations, bias or fear.  It’s the most innocent  way to pursue Life and understand who we are.

One final thought…

Imagine that you were immortal and have lived thoughout the world over the last 200,ooo years.  From the beginning of Homo Sapien (wise or knowing man), think of all the popular religions that have dominated public opinion.  In order to keep your social standing or even YOUR OWN LIFE, you would have had to change religions an extreme number of times!

Conclusion…  Let Love be your guide, compassion be your strength.  Religion (self awareness) evolves just as technology does.

This is difficult for me to share because most people do not want to hear anything that questions there belief systems.  I understand why.  Its the same reason I refrain from sharing these ideas.  Excommunication and being shunned by loved ones.

Well… sometimes doing what is right doesn’t lead to the most favorable outcome (or make you the most popular kid on the block).  However it will liberate you.

-LOVE  (for there’s nothing greater or more life changing than this)

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