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(This promotes peace and understanding, so please dont miss the point by turning it off early)

“Truth is the only safe ground to stand upon”  -Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Love and blessings,

Ken (Hawke)



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My mind is my best friend and worst enemy. Some days I feel blessed beyond belief. Life seems so clear, I live in a state of ecstacy where I couldnt feel any better about being alive. It’s during these times that I enter different stages of enlightenment and I see clearly the answers to so many philosophical questions in life. Then the next day, I feel like im in hell. Everything in life seems meaningless. I loose hope in humanity. Also, my thoughts get extremely congested during these times and even worse, my memory becomes almost non-existent.

Im starting to wonder if my endocrine system has been out of balance (not just recently, but my whole life!) My whole life has been filled with such extremes. I used to be a very emotional person, however I now hold alot of my emotions in check. That still doesnt mean that I DONT experience them. I’ve just learned to recognize them as emotions and not neccessarily reality.

The reason Im writting this is because it is who I am and Im learning that it’s ok to just be who we are 🙂 What’s interesting to me is this has been one of the greatest factors in shaping my personality, character and views in life. Part of me hates going through these extremes. However, just as with everything in life, there is always an opposite side of the spectrem which counterbalances in other ways. Just as a blind mans body comphensates for the loss of sight by increasing his sense of touch, smell and even hearing. My weakness has forced me to wake up and see the world in a whole different light. That’s why now… I would rather live to contribute to the evolution of humanity than live to build the dream of a twisted/artifically created dreamworld, which in reality, is just another form of slavery. I know that I was not instilled with life to keep building a corporate entity. I was given life to live, love, share and serve for the purpose of human evolution of mind, body and soul. I dont want to live another day as a slave to this societies dream. I want to help reshape that dream and give it more worth and meaning. That means, clearing away thousands of years of Relgions dogmas and ideologies. I want to see humanity come together and unite for one purpose. That purpose is to erase the “I” from existance. And replace it with “us” because as humanity is focused on the individual (selfishness) we will never get to our final destination. We will continue to wander through “the desert” of human existence trying to find the PROMISE LAND. It is vital that we make the agreement with ourself that WHAT IS BEST FOR THE WHOLE ENTITY IS (OVERALL) IN THE ABSOLUTE BEST INTEREST FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL.    In other words, “what is best for us, is in actuallity the BEST thing for me.” The word “us” meaning ALL of humanity, not just one race or country or gender or even intellect. 


 What’s just as important is that we stop treating the earth like its disposable. I am not a tree huger, yet I do see that we are so much more connected to EVERYTHING that exist. Ecology shows us that disrupting the balance of one eco-system has dramatic effects on everything else. We are part of the big picture, WE ARE NOT the big picture. A persons religious beliefs may conflict with this idea and thats ok because they are just that… beliefs. Just like the belief that the universe revolved around the Earth was just a belief. 400 years ago, anyone who confronted this idea was condemned by the church. Why?? Because we are so afraid of the unknown and the idea that our foundations of belief might have to change. Guess what? Change is the only thing in all of existence which is gaurrenteed! Knowing that change is inevitable, why are we so afraid of it? When we loose our fear of change of beliefs, change of carear, change of age, change of address, change of life, ect… Basically when we are no longer afraid to face change at any level, we will be free to experience the truth for whatever it may be. You’ll never feel more free or liberated in your life. It will open up a whole new dimension to what LOVE is because there is no influence of fear involved. Think about that.


BLESSINGS AND LOVE TO ALL WHO READ (whether you love me or hate)

I will live for truth,
my life and my purpose
will be one of meaning.
It’s value will not be measured in currency
but by beauty of Exploration!

-Ken (Hawke)

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Take a look at this image and let me know…

What comes to your mind? Feel free to say absolutely ANTHING.

Please comment below or if you feel more comfortable not displaying it to the public, you can send it to

Ken (Hawke)

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The following is an exerpt of a teaching from J. Krishnamurti (1895-1986):

” What are the other factors that bring sorrow in human life? I want to love, I love you, and you don’t love me, and I want more love from you, I feel I must be loved by you. You are the only person who can love me, nobody else. I shut the door on everybody else except you. I will keep my door open to you. And you look the other way. Doesn’t this happen to all of you? And you spend your life in sorrow, bitterness, anger, jealousy, frustration, because you insist on going through one door! And you find that you are not loved. I don’t know if you have ever considered what a terrible thought it is that you are not loved. Isn’t it appalling to feel that you are not loved?
Have you ever noticed a flower on the wayside, the beauty, the color of it? It has a perfume, and it isn’t asking you to look at it, it isnt asking you to smell it—it is there. But we human beings have this mechanism of thought that says, ” I must be loved, I haven’t got enough love” or “I must love you.” So one of the factors of our sorrow is the sense of not being loved, isn’t it? And we demand that love be expressed in a certain way–sexually or in companionship, in friendship, platonically or physically. Which all indicates, doesn’t it, a human mind demanding to have a relationship with another based on its own urgency, which prevents love coming into being. As we have said, there is love only when there is the ending of sorrow. Love cannot exist within the circle, the field, of sorrow.”

Those that have a deep connection with me have one time or another heard my idea’s on “Love & Relationships”. I preach alot about infactuations,insecurities, and selfishness vs. Love. Im beginning to believe more and more that Love can be as mysterious and hard to comprehend as GOD is. This may require an alful lot of explaination, however it’s late and I don’t feel like getting into it right now. I just wanted to share the excerpt because maybe there is someone out there that might find it benefitial.


Ken (Hawke)

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People are unreasonable, illogical and self-centered.
Love them anyway!
If you do good, people will accuse you
of selfish, ulterior motives.
Do good anyway!
If you are successful, you will win
false friends and enemies.
Succeed anyway!
The good you do will be forgotten tomorrow.
Do good anyway!
Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable.
Be honest and frank anyway!
What you spend years building may be
destroyed overnight.
Build anyway!
People really need help
but may attack you if you help them.
Help them anyway!
Give the world the best you have
and you’ll get kicked in the teeth.
Give the world the best you’ve got anyway!

Written by: Mother Teresa

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Is this world that we have created REALLY worth sacrificing our lives for??  Are we truely happy with the never ending pursuit of success??  Is there ever a point in life when we truly feel like we can just sit and enjoy our creation?  When I step back and view our way of life, It looks as though we are constantly in a state of having to improve, achieve, and “get ahead”.  I feel like we are all worker ants gathering food for the winter, but when winter comes, we dont stop and enjoy what we have worked so hard for because there’s no time to enjoy it.  Instead we must keep working to gather more and more food (or in our society, more money(debt).  When and where is the enjoyment and the happieness that this system is supposed to create?  This system doesnt promote rest and enjoyment.  It promotes the idea that happieness comes with getting ahead and to keep getting ahead, we must spend more of our precious time and energy to get even FURTHER ahead.  The cycle goes on and on.   Why??  Because we have in our mind that work provides money; Money provides Freedom (in which) freedom will then give us that happieness.  Is that really how it works though?  at any level???  Seems to me that Work creates money which in exchange for freedom, people cash in there $$ for “objects of obsession” .   The more people make, the more people’s expenses go up.  Now why is this???  Because it’s drilled into our heads that we NEED “THINGS”  to fullfill those voids inside of us.    When this happens:

WORK creats MONEY which =DEBT  

And on and on the cycle continues and it will continue to be this way until people realize that their MONEY IS A TICKET TO FREEDOM.

OR……..  We can keep believing that BIGGER & NEWER is better and that THINGS are actually going to bring us a fullfilling life.

Let me share with you a secret to life.  SIMPLICITY can teach us all we need to know about how to live a fullfilling life.  Not a large house or a diamond watch or 700$ pair of prada shoes.  All that stuff does for us is surpress the underlying root of our insecurities which force us to buy that stuff in the first place.



Ken (Hawke)

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It’s been a really rough week for me… Actually, it’s been a tough couple months for me. Today, I was walking down the street and I watched an older gentlemen trip then fall directly on his face. He actually went face first on the cement. He started to get up and then fell down again. He got up a second time. I walked over to him as he stood up. I noticed that he was extemely unstable as well as being shaken up and bleeding from his face. I asked him if he was ok. I remember him looking into my eyes and saying something, but it was mumbled.

Do you know what I did then???

I just stood there and felt numb. Instead my mind just thought of a million f&#^ed up things like, “Is he going to ask me for money??(and other thoughts that are completely ludacris” What the F*&#!!!! I don’t trust people anymore! I dont trust friends, lovers and especially strangers on the street. Why?? Because I’ve lost faith in people. Because it seems like nobody does what’s best for others anymore, it’s all selfishness!! Most people do whats best for themselves (especially in NYC) and It’s causing me to feel jaded and isolated from everyone. I dont want to be a part of the rat race any longer or a world that is only concerned with economic growth. It turns people into selfish demoralized animals.

I’m scared because I dont see the beauty in people that I once did. Even people that I’ve grown to love and trust in the last few years. I’m learning that they only have me in there life because I make them feel a certain way and if I didnt do that, they wouldn’t want anything to do with me.

I dont see much (true and genuine) LOVE in people anymore. I just see people that want something from me and if they cant get it from me, they will either keep pressing me to fullfill it or they will quickly move onto the next person that will fullfill their need or void. (and no, Im not just referring to sex.  It’s to WHATEVER that need or void is)

I definitly feel used up by alot of people.

Im not here to patch the worlds insecurities or to be used up by people who are a disease to this world. I dont support the common vision of a successful LIFE. This vision has created so much imbalance in this world due to greed and selfishness. With our overabondance and in our pursuit of the American Dream, we have created our own pain and suffering.
Love and blessings,

Ken (Hawke)

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